Why Is Retirement Not Mandatory Subject?


Retirement Is The Most Important Subject

retirement hard decisions for college
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Unfortunately the most important topic that students need to learn about is retirement planning. They are not taught this subject in grade school or high school. They only learn about it by accident in college because of their student loan debt.

Which Is Longer?

Education has it backwards. College debt is a shorter financial event in your life than your retirement. College debt gets paid off within several years after graduation. Retirement life could last for over 30 years.

Got Lots Of Time

Most young people ignore financial advice about retirement planning because they believe that type of planning is something older people do.  Young people believe that they have lots of time to save for their retirement. That is such a myth. The only money that will be there when young people are ready to retire is that money they sent ahead. If they wait to long to begin saving and investing the years will quickly slip by and no money will be sent ahead.

The best financial advice college graduates should follow is: Invest early, invest often and never look back. Why again is retirement planning not a mandatory subject in college?


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