Concerned About Financial Adviser At Retirement?


More Financial Worries At Retirement

Planning for your retirement is serious business. You may need some financial advice but be careful on who you turn to for help. Retirement takes a life time to invest and save for. A sloppy financial planner can lose your retirement assets in a very short time.

Plan your retirement while time is still your friend.
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Commission Or Growth?

Your adviser needs to be more concerned about your financial well being than their own. If your adviser has a stronger interest in the commission they will earn from your sale than how well your investments are performing you should find a new adviser.

Pay Now Or Pay Later

Your adviser can earn their commission in one of two ways. You either pay them a flat fee for service or they receive a commission for every transaction they make for you. Which method you choose is a personal choice; neither way is better or worse than the other. If you trust your adviser a commission per transaction can sometimes be a bit less expensive.

Investment Growth – Damage Control

Be careful if promised the world. Sometimes investing can be a gamble. If your adviser guarantees you a rate of return on a stock transaction, don’t believe them. Only a cash account such as a money market can offer somewhat of a guarantee, and usually for a short time. No financial adviser can predict the stock market with exact precision. If you understand that going in your chances of damaging your retirement plan assets will be less


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