Want A Balanced, Secure Retirement?

balanced secure retirement

Retirement Your Way

Retirement is a life event; one of life’s stages. Retirement is not supposed to be an economic event; however, sometimes the financing of ones retirement turns the life event into an economic one. If you are close to retiring you may not have the time to save for retirement or the energy to keep working during your retirement years. All is not lost, you can still rebound financially from not acting soon enough on planning for the financial or economic side of retirement.

Secure Your Retirement

One common way that many retirees ease their financial short falls during retirement is through annuities. An annuity converts your retirement savings into income that you cannot outlive. What other investment option will do that for you? The guarantee offered by annuities will give you the financial security you are looking for in retirement.

Stocks Will Not

retirement money

The constant gyration of the stock market makes many retirees nervous. When you are retired your pay checks stop. If your retirement investments are all tied up in stocks what will you do when you need money to meet your expenses and the market is in a slump? Will your creditors wait for a fallen market to rebound before receiving your payment? Probably not. Some retirement money invested in the stock market will not weaken your retirement as long as your other investments can pay your bills.

Mutual Funds Will Not

Those mutual funds with stocks as their main investment will produce the same results as the stock market itself; unknown values at unknown times.

Bonds Will Not

You should never invest in an investment vehicle that you know nothing about. Bonds can be complex because there are so many different types. Knowing which type best satisfies your needs as well as produces a good rate of return is the tricky part.

Real Estate Will Not

The real estate market can be just as unpredictable as the stock market. Your bills need to be paid; most creditors do not like to be kept waiting. If the real estate market is in the tank when you need to sell in order to meet your expenses, what will you do, beg forgiveness from your creditors?

Annuities may help to make your retirement more of a lifestyle change and less of an economic nightmare. For that reason alone, do some research before ruling out annuities as an investment option.



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