Your Retirement Without Money


Retirement Money Using Plan A

retirement money
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You did all the right things with your money during your working years to save enough money for retirement. You maxed out your retirement plan contributions; took advantage of all tax-deferred investment opportunities; cut expenses to the bare minimum and lived well below your means. You then retired with complete confidence that you had enough money to maintain your standard of living throughout your entire retirement.

Surprise! Now your retired and due to circumstances beyond your control the national fiscal cliff may throw you into your own personal cliff. Now what? Let’s hope you have a Plan B.

Retirement Money Using Plan B

It appears that your retirement did not go according to Plan A. You tightened your belt during your working years but your financial cushion is unexpectedly being depleted. Unless you intend on going back to work you better shift to Plan B. If you retired without a secondary plan of action here are a few ideas.

Shift Retirement Investment Money

Annuities do have their place in retirement. The right annuity can provide you with a guaranteed stream of money. Annuities can be set up to provide this stream of income for a specific period of time or for your lifetime. If set up properly you can receive fixed payments tax-free.

Frugality Works Every Time

You know how to be tight with your money because you did that during your working years. It’s time to do it again. Maybe you can find other expenses to cut:

  • Cell phone – land line
  • Excess cable services
  • Excess or duplicate insurance coverages
  • Turning down your utilities
  • Downsize your home
  • Find free ways to enjoy retirement
  • Eat out less, cook at home more
  • Comparison shop on everything
  • Avoid credit card fees, pay off all balances
  • Go for the senior discounts
  • Go back to work part-time doing what you love to do

The national fiscal cliff can’t last forever and neither will your personal fiscal cliff. If you use some of financial moves you made during your working years combined with a Plan B strategy, you can survive until the markets and economy turn around.


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