401K Plan Basics|401k Contribution Limits

401K Benefit Questions

Your ability to save for your retirement and defer paying the taxes on that investment money until you retire is the benefit of investing into a 401k account.    Very few other investments allow you that tax deferred benefit.   But since all 401k plans are not designed the same, you need to learn about the basic … Read more

You Must Know Your 401k Laws

401k laws

It seems like we have laws for everything now-a-days. There are laws for unemployment, health care, workers comp, overtime pay and workplace safety.   So why wouldn’t there are also be laws that govern 401k’s….there are…lots of them. 401k’s are highly regulated.   401k laws are regulated by the federal government, not the state or local … Read more

The Secrets Behind 401K Rules

401k Rules

To become a better investor you need to know the current 401k rules. You should start by making yourself aware of the 401k rules most often referred to by 401k participants:  401k contribution limits, 401k distribution rules and 401k early withdrawal rules. All these 401k rules were established by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and … Read more