401k Retirement Basics

401k retirement

401k Retirement Planning Basics Information You Need To Know How many financial workshops, put on by your employer for the benefit of you and your fellow 401k participants, have you attended only to completely lose interest after the presenter recites more rules and regulations than you can count? If you are tired of 401k retirement … Read more

Here’s A Quick Review of Your IRAs & 401k Investments


Steps To Review Your IRA & 401k Investment Accounts Your IRA’s and 401k Investments Need Attention You already know that you need to review your investments on a regular basis. Retirement experts suggest that investors review Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) and 401k investments at least once a year. The purpose is to help you monitor the returns, trends, market … Read more

How Open Are You To Planning Your Retirement

Be Open About Planning Your Retirement Retirement is a big step. Exchanging full-time work for full-time retirement can be an emotional transition. Throw in the financial aspect of retirement and it can be quite overwhelming. You can avoid becoming overwhelmed about planning for your retirement if you allow yourself to look at planning differently. The Basics: Gotta … Read more

2 Hot Tips On Borrowing From 401k Plans

2 Important Tips On Borrowing From 401k Plans #1 – Cheating Your Retirement Borrowing from 401k plans in a financial pinch may sound like a good financial strategy in the short-term but is it the right move for the long-term? Never forget why you invest money into your 401k plan…for the day you want to leave the work force, … Read more

Should You Max 401k Contribution Limits?

Do You Always Benefit From Maxing Your 401k Contribution Limits? Before you answer that question you need to review your personal financial circumstances and goals. There are situations when maxing out your 401k contribution limits will be of great financial benefit to you; however, other situations may be a financial setback. Here are 3 situations when you … Read more

Retirement Options With New Job

New job and your retirement

Your Retirement Money Options When you start a new job the last thing you may be thinking about is the money in prior employer’s retirement plan. Your negligence may be due to a misunderstanding of the options available to you. Let us help you understand those options so you can choose which one works best for … Read more

5 Simple Tips To Maximize Your Retirement

Maximize retirement

Your Retirement, Your Way Accumulating enough money for the retirement of your dreams is still possible. The best advice you can follow about retirement planning is to stop listening to the negative chatter about dream retirements not being attainable. They are attainable if you follow a few simple retirement rules. #1 – Set Your Savings Goals Before you … Read more

Why Make Your 401k A Priority?

Don’t Neglect Your 401k Financial planners sometimes give so much good financial advice that you may feel overwhelmed and just tune-out their advice. One bit of advice you best not tune-out is the advice they give about never neglecting your 401k account. The most important financial discussion you can have with yourself is the one … Read more

Are You Doing All You Can For Your Retirement?

Is There A Better Way Than Your 401(k)? Some financial experts believe that your 401(k) retirement plan may need a second look. When money is tight you want the biggest bang for your buck. This philosophy holds true whether your buying a bag of groceries or investing in your retirement plan. In any situation you … Read more

Your Guide To The Financial Stages of Your Life

financial stages

Every one of us accomplishes our life’s goals at different times throughout our lives.   We each use a different set of building blocks.   We each face challenges and have to overcome those challenges in the development of our careers & financial lives. Do you know your challenges and goals?   Do you know what will … Read more

Businesses Have Different Retirement Plans To Choose From

3 retirement plan options for businesses

Small businesses today have many types of retirement plan options available to them.  Businesses can choose: 1)  Business 401k plan (sometimes referred to as a Traditional 401k plan). 2)  Simple 401k plan (sometimes called the small business 401k plan). 3)  Simple IRA plan. The IRS considers all 3 of those retirement plans qualified retirement plans.  And even though … Read more

What You Must Know About Simple IRAs Before Tax Day

simple ira plan

A Simple IRA plan is one type of business IRA often used by businesses with less than 100 employees. The Simple IRA plan is popular with business owners for two reasons.  The first reason is because it Is easier to start and administer than a 401k plan.  The second reason is that  the administration fees are usually less than a 401k plan.  … Read more

What Do I Control In My 401K Plan?

What you can control in your 401k plan

401k retirement plans can sometimes seem overwhelming; and that’s unfortunate because they should not be. But when you just have a vague understanding of what you can and cannot do, it can feel overwhelming. Your 401k plan will seem complicated if no one ever took the time to explain the basics. It can get quite frustrating when you have questions but you’re never … Read more

401K Plan Basics|401k Contribution Limits

401K Benefit Questions

Your ability to save for your retirement and defer paying the taxes on that investment money until you retire is the benefit of investing into a 401k account.    Very few other investments allow you that tax deferred benefit.   But since all 401k plans are not designed the same, you need to learn about the basic … Read more

Retirement Planning, The Right Way

Retirement investment number

Are you planning for your retirement the right way? Proper retirement planning means the difference between having a great retirement and a retirement where you will have to keep working. How are you planning?   How are arriving at the amount of money you will need to accumulate before you end your career to be able … Read more