The Value Of Life Insurance Options

Two life insurance options

You Have 2 Options With Life Insurance Understanding your life insurance needs is important, but equally important is knowing what type of life insurance will best covers those needs. Every one has different life insurance needs therefore one type of policy does not fit all; understanding the purpose, payout options and cost of each type of policy will help you make the … Read more

4 Tips To Jump Start Your Retirement

Jump Start Your Retirement

The Only 4 Retirement Tips You Need Tip #1 – Check, Check and Recheck A retirement plan headed for failure is one put on autopilot. Fire safety experts suggest that you check the batteries in your smoke alarms at home once a year. Since a lot can happen in the markets within a years time financial experts suggest that you review the … Read more

5 Simple Tips To Maximize Your Retirement

Maximize retirement

Your Retirement, Your Way Accumulating enough money for the retirement of your dreams is still possible. The best advice you can follow about retirement planning is to stop listening to the negative chatter about dream retirements not being attainable. They are attainable if you follow a few simple retirement rules. #1 – Set Your Savings Goals Before you … Read more

Why Make Your 401k A Priority?

Don’t Neglect Your 401k Financial planners sometimes give so much good financial advice that you may feel overwhelmed and just tune-out their advice. One bit of advice you best not tune-out is the advice they give about never neglecting your 401k account. The most important financial discussion you can have with yourself is the one … Read more

Your Money In IRA’s

Which IRA Is Better For Your Money? The most common question asked around tax time every year is: are you better off investing your money in a Traditional or Roth IRA? The answer to that question is based on your personal financial situation. When will you need the money? How much will your income be? … Read more

Fleeting Moments Of Financial Decisions

Your Financial Actions Do Not Go Unnoticed Any financial action you take today will impact your life tomorrow. Don’t believe it? Think it sounds too dreamy? It’s not a fallacy, it’s a reality. The debt you accumulate today has to be paid off tomorrow. The loan payment you missed today will haunt you tomorrow. The … Read more

25 Financial Docs You Need ‘Til Death

Important Financial Paperwork You Need? You Cannot Avoid Financial Documents We live in a world where financial paperwork is involved with every aspect of our lives. But that’s not really a bad thing if you keep it all in perspective. When we’re born our parents usually buy life insurance on us…financial paperwork. When we die our estate gets settled…financial paperwork. Whenever we buy … Read more

5 Financial Tips For Young And Restless

Financial Advice Young People Cannot Ignore Unfortunately young people usually have a disadvantage when it comes to financial matters. They haven’t been exposed to enough financial affairs to know how to make good financial decisions. If you are young and just starting your career or just moved into your own place take a deep breath … Read more

Tax Deductions Are Needed All Year Long

Your Need For Tax Deductions Never End Are Tax Deductions A Priority Unfortunately money has become so tight for most families that financial priorities are a bit skewed. Even though families need to prioritize it’s hard to know where to start. A good place could be with a financial plan. Included in your financial plan … Read more

Your Retirement Without Money

Retirement Money Using Plan A You did all the right things with your money during your working years to save enough money for retirement. You maxed out your retirement plan contributions; took advantage of all tax-deferred investment opportunities; cut expenses to the bare minimum and lived well below your means. You then retired with complete … Read more

Your February Resolution Is A Financial One

Financial Resolutions Desperately Needed In February If you seem to start out a new year making lots of promises to yourself to improve your financial habits you are not alone. If you fall short of achieving those promises about mid January, you are also not alone.  Making new year resolutions is easy, accomplishing them is the hard … Read more

Teach Your Children Why Money Makes The World Go ‘Round

Good Money Information|Never Outdated Going Beyond The Basics Your job as a parent is to teach your children. You are already teaching them the basics: the importance of having good manners, being polite, cleaning their room and treating their siblings with respect. Are you also teaching them about the value of money? If not, who will? Your … Read more

4 Money Mistakes You May Be Making

4 Common Money Mistakes That Backfire  Your money mistakes can sometimes be a financial boomerang, they can unexpectedly backfire. When you are investing for a new home, your child’s education or your retirement, you need all the money you can get. You will have more money if you avoid some of these investment mistakes that have … Read more